Why Use a Mortgage Consultant?

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As a first-time homebuyer, finding your dream abode as well as a trustworthy lender willing to finance, can be stressful. Should you start by looking for your dream home or look for a lender before you do anything else?
Banyan Venture Partner can help.
As the best mortgage consultant in Markham, we offer sound advice and help you find the right mortgage to suit your requirements. There are many good reasons why you should get in touch with an experienced mortgage consultant while looking for a suitable mortgage.
Let’s take a look.

Secure a Pre-Approval
For a start, the loan consultant has access to a wealth of information about a gamut of lenders, comprising credit unions, trust firms, big banks, and private lenders. You’ll simply need to furnish details about your credit history, current credit score, and earnings and we take care of the rest.
As the best mortgage consultant in Markham, we connect you to a lender who might be your best match.
Benefit from Practical Recommendations
A professional mortgage brokerage scouts for a respectable lender on your behalf, thereby relieving you from all the hassle.
The loan consultant charges a nominal brokerage for their services and is generally borne by your lender. Nevertheless, you can use the crucial information mortgage brokers furnish, to your advantage, and make savings.
Mortgage professionals have the latest data on their fingertips as they routinely study the trends and patterns. Therefore, they can keep you updated on a loan or mortgage that’ll work for you.

Find Your Perfect Match
Many individuals looking to buy a home for the first time or a second mortgage (for their primary residence) don’t have a stable income or good credit history.
Therefore, banks or credit unions may not be willing to lend. And this is where an individual or institutional mortgage broker can help.
The best mortgage consultant in Markham fulfills the needs of the alternative mortgage market or the ‘C market’.
Such mortgage consultants liaise with private moneylenders and try to get a pre-approval based on the saleability of the client’s proposed property rather than on his or her creditworthiness.

Hence, you’d be better off consulting a seasoned mortgage broker who can help find a lender that’d be your perfect match.

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