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Banyan Venture Partners is a non-bank lender in Ontario that excels in the alternative mortgage market, a marketplace in which institutional lenders do not commonly participate and where the real estate is often overlooked due to the current state of repair and/or rurality.

As opposed to formal income, credit, net worth, and debt servicing analysis, we approve our loans based on the integrity and marketability of the real estate asset only. Banyan Venture Partners’ borrowers include those whose credit and income profiles do not fit the complex guidelines of the Banks, Credit Unions, and Trust Companies.

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Banyan Venture Partners understands the fact that bad times happen to good people, and we are not overly concerned about where the borrower “has been” but where they “are going”. In other words, if you’ve had previous credit trouble in the past, this does not necessarily mean that you will have trouble in the future. Our team has been selectively hired for their enthusiasm, knowledge, friendliness, and desire to help people.

We take great pride in assisting people with their personal financial situations, and helping them through life’s “little bumps” in the road. Ask one of our friendly underwriters for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Communicating is easy when dealing with New Haven. You are welcome to attend our Head Office in Toronto, or communicate by way of phone, facsimile or email. Our service is stress-free and you can contact us 24/7!

Our service is stress-free and eliminates redundant and time consuming in-person appointments.

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